“I work as a sales director at an ICT company. In our industry, getting clients involved in product development is absolutely vital. Too often you see cases where the product that has been developed is basically a good one, but in the end it’s left unused as it fails to meet the demands and expectations of the client.

We decided to seek improvement in what we gain from our client activities, and for this we sought help from Grape People and facilitation. Our goal was to get our clients involved in our processes in a way that would result in a better end product. Grape People brainstormed a training package for us that featured multiple components. In the workshops we contemplated the issues both individually and in small groups. Finally, the most important ideas from the small-group discussions were compiled for all to hear. The group exhibited a new level of activity, and everyone’s ideas were made available to the group.

Thanks to the skills we learned in the facilitation training, the product is now better than before. Client meetings have been more effective and creative, and have brought more out of people. Getting the clients involved in product development and genuinely enabling them to pitch in and bring forth their creative improvement suggestions has resulted in a product that is pleasing to everyone’s eye.”