Facilitating success

We take your entire group along and lead you to your goal. We inspire you so that you enjoy getting things done, whatever the circumstances.

Grape People Finland

Piritta van der Beek

Facilitator and trainer

+358 400 664 889 [email protected] See Piritta's introduction

Bettina Kanninen

Facilitator and trainer

[email protected]

Henna Karjalainen

Facilitator and trainer

[email protected]

Kari Kukkola

Facilitator and trainer

[email protected]

Miikka Penttinen

Facilitator and trainer

+358 44 510 6534 [email protected] See Miikka's introduction

Jonas Rajanto

Facilitator and trainer

+358 40 588 2688 [email protected] See Jonas's introduction

International training partners

We have licensed international partners who conduct facilitation training around the world. See this page for more information.

Our story

Grape People was formed in 2003 out of a desire to make organisations more inclusive.As organisations and working environments became more complex, it was no longer enough to have strong and knowledgeable leaders –the traditional type.

A new kind of leadership was needed to solve hard problems: facilitative leadership. So we set out on our mission to spread facilitation awareness so that leaders might be better equipped to lead the organisations of tomorrow.

We help organisations create and implement change through facilitation and facilitation training. Whether the task is to create a shared vision; to implement a strategy within the organisation; to understand and act on an important change; or to improve team efficiency, we are here to help.

Our trainings are the product of countless hours facilitating workshops and training facilitators. Between our facilitators and trainers we have facilitated more than 1,000 workshops and trained more than 25,000 facilitators worldwide.

Contact information

Grape People Finland Oy

Lautatarhankatu 6
00580 Helsinki

Tel. +358 40 546 2332

VAT number: 2158652-2

Email: [email protected]