Facilitating success

We wish to offer insights into human encounters in workplaces. In our blog you can take a peek at different applications of facilitation.

Learning together without shame


How the trainer can increase psychological safety in group situations Some years ago I attended a training program in France. I arrived there early in...Read more

What Every Facilitative Leader Needs to Succeed


Anyone can be a great leader with the right tools and training. My new book, The Handbook of Facilitative Leadership: Concrete Ways to Boost Performance...Read more

Boosting Performance with Facilitative Leadership


At its core, leadership is about aligning people and their tasks towards a shared goal. This idea of leadership is discussed in my new book,...Read more

What is Facilitative Leadership?


In your career you have probably come across various definitions of the word leadership and different ideas about how to lead effectively. And if you...Read more

5 ways to make virtual meetings more engaging


Do you run virtual meetings or training sessions often? Would you like to make those sessions more time efficient and more impactful? These tips might...Read more

My Favourite Facilitation Tools – The Essential 6


Just like a craftsman has his or her favourite clamps and cutters, I, as a facilitator, have my favourite tools for leading groups. Sure, the...Read more

Challenge Mapping – a powerful method for finding the right focus


Issue: In a workshop, people go straight to business without a second thought about "why" Most people underestimate the importance of the clarification stage. It...Read more

The Two Secrets to Leading High-Performing Teams


High performing teams; a holy grail of sorts for companies around the world.  They are often talked about and much time has been spent outlining...Read more

Nothing is perfect, not even Idealogue


Nothing is perfect, not even a wonderful tool like Idealogue. If you have visited the website www.idealoguemethod.com or if you have been following this blog,...Read more

All you need is judging, criticizing and stealing


Traditional brainstorming methods share a serious problem; there is no chance to judge the content of another person’s ideas. No one wants to face criticism...Read more

Get rid of poor, misunderstood ideas once and for all


Ideas are powerful. A new idea can start a movement or be the beginning of a big change. But an idea alone is worthless; for...Read more

Brainstorming is dead! Long live the Ideologue method!


Pepe Nummi helped change the format of meetings and business leadership in Finland by becoming the country’s first certified professional facilitator. By teaching facilitative principles,...Read more

Root Cause Analysis as a Professional and Personal Tool


Why do you go to work? Looking past kneejerk responses based on positive affirmations or politically correct ideas, what is at the end of it?...Read more

Good Leadership Means Working Less


For many managers and project leaders that I know, the idea of a quiet evening at home drinking beer on the sofa or a nice...Read more

The loudest decide – the rest follows? Not.


It was a good meeting. We walked out of the room believing that we all agreed and the decision was clear. A few weeks later...Read more