Demo: Effective remote meetings (Skype4B)

14.06.2019   08:45 - 10:00 Demo

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Do you host remote meetings often? Would you like to get a better grip on your meetings?

The virtual environment poses unique challenges to hosting engaging and productive meetings, for instance:

Join our free demo to experience a hassle-free remote meeting and to learn how to run better meetings.

Time, place and participation requirements

Date: Friday, June 14th, 2019

Time: 8.45 – 10.00 (1h 15 min)

Place: Online, using Skype for Business. You can also participate as a guest without the full software.

Requirements: This is an interactive session. For the best meeting experience, you will need:

The first 15 minutes are reserved for making sure there are no technical difficulties.

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What is this event about?

Most remote meeting problems do not stem from the technology. People forget the fundamentals of good meetings: connection, shared understanding, and visualized action.

Sometimes it might seem that online it’s impossible to do anything more complex than a quick status update.

However, many of these challenges can be tackled with a clear meeting structure, effective ways of working and clear meeting roles.

Being proficient with the meeting software helps, but most remote meeting problems do not stem from the technology.

People often forget the fundamentals of good meetings: Connecting with others. Reaching mutual understanding. Visualizing shared purpose, objectives, ideas, decisions and action points. Leaving meetings with a sense of clarity and shared direction.


In remote meetings, people do not connect. Often it's not due to technology, but because people forget the fundamentals for good meetings.

In remote meetings, people do not connect. Often it’s not due to technology, but because people forget the fundamentals for good meetings.


What does a good remote meeting then look, sound, and feel like?

Find out in a free demo of our virtual facilitation training.

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Feedback from earlier events

”This was eye-opening and gave me ideas for my next meeting.”

”We use Skype a lot already and from this demo it was clear that better meetings are possible.”

”I would recommend this demo/training to my colleagues. Good participatory tools and an active/lively atmosphere.”

”A very clear package – recommended.”

”I would recommend this to colleagues who are frustrated with using new tools, this is good encouragement.”

”After this you will know if the training is right for you.”


Jonas came to Grape People from the IT Service industry, where he developed tools and processes for more effective collaboration.

At Grape People Jonas shifted his focus to interaction between people in virtual settings and ways of working that enable teams to take their collaboration to the next level.

As a facilitator Jonas is specialised in remote working and online collaboration. He trains team leaders, project managers, trainers, educators, sales people and others for whom remote meetings are central to their work.

Jonas’s mission is to make working remotely feel just like working in the same room.

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A training about better remote meetings

training, better remote meetings, skype for business, teams, zoom, hangouts, gotomeeting, webex

Are you inspired to have better remote meetings? Would you like practical skills to improve engagement and the impact of your remote meetings?

We organize trainings tailored to our customers’ needs. In our remote facilitation training you will learn simple methods to lead virtual sessions regardless of your job description or previous skill. Our trainings are hands-on sessions where you get familiar with the meeting tool, engage in discussion and gain confidence in your skills as the meeting host.

See more in our training brochure

Tell us about your needs and we will plan a program suited to your situation. We will use your own meeting platform (e.g. Google Hangouts / Meet, WebEx, Zoom, or Skype for Business). We can also help you with a challenging or high-stakes remote workshop or event. We can plan the session together and facilitate it for you, or we can coach you so you have the abilities and the confidence to facilitate it yourself.

For additional information contact:
Jyri Saraste, tel. +358 40 546 2332, [email protected]