Effective Facilitation – 2-day training

01.10.2019 - 02.10.2019   08:30 - 16:30 Valmennus

Fasilitointi - työpaja - Grape People Finland

Effective Facilitation is an intensive 2-day training for people who lead groups in meetings and workshops. In this training you will learn what facilitation is all about and how it changes leading group situations.

Why participate?

The purpose of facilitation is to take collaboration to the next level and improve work results. Effective facilitation taps on the knowledge of all group members, which leads to higher quality decisions that the entire group can commit to.

The training is a workshop in which we will try out various group methods and practice the art of facilitation in a safe and encouraging environment.

Gain competences to lead group situations with impact

In this training you will develop your skill as a group leader. You will learn how to improve interaction and decision making in a group – a valuable skill in any organisation.

Make your workshops and meetings more effective

You will learn how to host better workshops and meetings, create genuine mutual understanding and improve the group’s commitment to decisions. In other words you will learn how to make a bigger impact with your group sessions.

What you will learn

Key topics / content

Methods used

Way of working

The training is a workshop in which we will try out various group methods in practice. We learn by doing. The training includes appropriate bits of theory to understand the chosen methods better. After trying out the methods we will reflect on how to use the method in our own work.

Learning process:

  1. Introducing the method and its background theory
  2. Practicing the method (as participant or facilitator)
  3. Reflecting on where to apply the method in your work
  4. Examples on application from professional facilitation

”Learning by doing, not by reading!” – a training participant

Who is this training for?

This facilitation training is for everyone who works with groups. The training has been most useful for HR and HRD experts, team leads, consultants, innovators, project managers, and change agents (people implementing change in organisations).

Effective Facilitation as told by our customers

”Really helpful Content, good Trainer, good Group size”

”Methods, techniques and dynamics learned at the course were in line with our daily work needs”

”The course exceeded my expectations”

”The course was very practical with lots of exercises so I think there are direct benefits on this”

”Piritta is a master of workshop facilitation. She really engaged the participants in all sorts of activities and combined anecdotes from previous works to related them to what was being taught”

”The trainer interactively involved the group throughout the course and the participants were actively learning through partly presenting or playing out themselves the topics and methods that have been taught.”

”Practicing the facilitation was very useful.”

Time and place

1.–2.10.2019 8.30–16.30 at Grape People training facilities

Helsinki, the Cable Factory, Tallberginkatu 1, stairwell C, 5th floor


Piritta van der Beek has worked with corporate client groups since 2001. She leads workshops built around client-specific complex content. However, her best skills involve creativity – delivering facilitation of innovation-oriented workshops and training innovation methods. She is also highly adept at leading shorter or standalone workshops or team development processes. With her tremendous energy, she is able to instil enthusiasm in everyone in the group.

Piritta is an author of three books. She holds a Master’s degree in Art Education and is a Certified Professional Facilitator.

About the organisation

Grape People was formed in 2003 out of a desire to make organisations more inclusive.

As organisations and working environments became more complex, it was no longer enough to have strong and knowledgeable leaders – the traditional type.

A new kind of leadership was needed to solve hard problems: facilitative leadership. So we set out on our mission to spread facilitation awareness so that leaders might be better equipped to lead the organisations of tomorrow.

We help organisations create and implement change through facilitation and facilitation training. Whether the task is to create a shared vision; to implement a strategy within the organisation; to understand and act on an important change; or to improve team efficiency, we are here to help.

This certification program is the product of countless hours facilitating workshops and training facilitators. Between our facilitators and trainers we have facilitated more than 1,000 workshops and trained more than 25,000 facilitators worldwide.


1200 € + vat 24%

Early bird price 1050 € + vat valid until 1.9.2019.

The investment includes:


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For more information contact

Jyri Saraste, puh. 040 546 2332,  [email protected]


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