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Effective Facilitation – 2-day training

Learn the most effective facilitation methods and group processes! This training is essential for team leads, project managers and business developers – anyone that organizes workshops and trainings for experts.

1200 1050 (+ALV 24%)


What is it?

Effective Facilitation is an intensive 2-day training for people who lead groups in workshops or trainings. In this training you will learn what facilitation is all about and how it changes leading group situations.

Who is this training for?

This facilitation training is for everyone who works with groups. The training has been most useful for HR and HRD experts, team leads, consultants, innovators, project managers, and change agents (people implementing change in organisations).

Early bird price until 1.9.2019: 1050 euros + vat 24%

Price from 2.9.2019: 1200 euros + vat 24%

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