“We wanted to kick off our financial year with an event that represented something new and more inspirational than what we usually do, so we decided to turn to Grape People. We felt that day had to be more active, energising and participatory.

A key goal was to ensure the transfer of facilitation methods into the day-to-day managerial work of regional managers. Many times, after you learn something new you feel that what you just learned seems quite good and functional in theory, but for one reason or another you never get to put it into practice. On this kick-off day, all regional managers got to try and lead a facilitated workshop in person for the first time in their lives.

With the aid of Grape People, we were able to simultaneously carry out as many as 13 identical workshops. We had already learned the methods and ways of working applied in the process through the training provided by Kari Kukkola from Grape People.

The feedback we received on the training and the kick-off event was positive. Regional managers felt they had been provided with new tools, even inspirational ones, to support their managerial work. According to the participants, the day had been inspirational, well planned and well executed.”