“Our previous strategy was created almost ten years ago. It was subsequently implemented in annual planning with minor updates. Now it was high time to think about how to respond to new challenges posed by changes in our operating environment. Grape People created a unique process for us, one involving our stakeholders in strategy creation. Our personnel were included in the next stage, and the management only towards the end – so the typical process had been reversed in a refreshing way.

The joint discussion and the new approach to doing things were received positively. The new ways of working inspired both personnel and stakeholders. It has been rewarding to see the joint discussion gradually crystallise into tangible goals. It was valuable to get outside insights on what is expected of us. A participatory way of working has clarified our shared vision. Previously, the operations were largely planned at the unit level, but now, by thinking and acting at the strategic level, we have been able to establish a broader common foundation and reconfirm the shared sense of direction for our organisation and its stakeholders.”

City Museum, Helsinki