Facilitating success

We help you find the common signposts that point to improved and better business. Why choose Grape People? For easier leadership.


Our way of operating delivers results. With our help, your competencies will come together, whether you’re in different countries or in the same room.


We have the experience and an eye for what works in a given situation. Together we will define the tactics that suit you, clarify the right rules to apply and choose an approach that is right on the button.


Moving in the same direction at the same pace, you'll be able to accomplish more. Attaining goals and success is easier when working together.


We take your entire group along and lead you to your goal. We inspire you so that you always get things done, whatever the circumstances.


Grape People are reliable facilitation professionals. Our participatory way of working helps you bring together all your valuable competences: we encourage you to find ideas that are easy to commit to.
We tailor our services to suit your organisation. What can we do for you?

Facilitation Training

Effective facilitation

We present the most effective methods and processes for participatory working for supervisors, project managers and developers – anyone who organises meetings and workshops.

Virtual facilitation

Want to improve remote working results? Learn the best practices and methods for arranging active and effective remote meetings that make the most of everyone’s time.

Virtual leadership

Towards a common direction from different locations, aided by interactive team development methods.

Strategy launch

A participatory leader knows his or her way around the smooth implementation of a strategy and the related follow-up.

Innovation facilitator

Towards new horizons! We will coach you to innovate, whether among yourselves or together with your client.

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Collaboration Consulting

Strategy work

When it comes to strategy work within your organisation, Grape People offers a professional and determined approach that you can rely on. Facilitation is an advanced tool for strategy development, implementation and follow-up.

Implementing change

At Grape People’s change workshops, we accept and embrace the suspicion and initial resistance people have towards change. Everyone is allowed to openly contemplate the situation and encouraged to bring up viewpoints, including critical ones.

Developing virtual teams

Grape People helps organisations move to a more virtual way of working. Because we’re also dispersed across a number of different countries, we have first-hand experience of what we’re talking about.

Innovation as part of the organisational culture

We will help your organisation establish everyday practices for making your best ideas contribute to your success.

Workshop Facilitation

Advanced facilitation needed? Over the years, we have arranged workshops for all sorts of purposes. For example, our workshops have focused on clarifying work-community values, developing teams, resolving conflicts and kicking off strategy work. The workshop topics may be serious, but it doesn't mean you shouldn’t have a bit of fun as well! Just tell us your situation and we will propose a clear path how to move forward!

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