Facilitating success

Since its founding in 2003, Grape People has served over 25,000 aspiring facilitators in learning the secrets to group psychology and functional collaboration.

Training events

Grape People hosts public training events around the year and around the globe. We make facilitation easy to approach for beginners and help professionals become masters of facilitation. In all our facilitation trainings we will help you apply the experiences and new insights into your daily work. In addition, during the training you will practice facilitation and process planning.

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We also have licensed training partners that might organise trainings in your region. See our partner page for more details.


Upcoming public training events

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Facilitative Leadership Training

Objective of this training is to learn simple, logical, tried, concrete and effective tools and processes for leading teams and facilitating workshops.  In addition to learning key activities for boosting team performance you learn to facilitate workshops. Key learnings:  

Co-creation I

This is a concrete Tools training for creating a Culture of  Innovation. What if the people in your organisation were inspired to develop your ways of working, to see new opportunities when visiting customers and to implement the changes that are necessary for renewal? What would that mean for your innovation capacity? How could the potential be released? 

This is a practical four day innovation training. The days are dedicated into practicing and learning tools; you will learn the stages of an innovation process and gain competences and group methods to run innovation and creativity workshops. After the four days training and facilitation practice you may become a certified facilitator. 

Co-creation II

This is an intensive and practical facilitation tools training on problem clarification, ideation, and forming solutions. You will learn advanced group tools needed for innovation workshops. 

In all Grape People facilitation trainings we will help you apply the experiences and new insights into your daily work. In addition, during the training you will practice facilitation and process planning .

Breakthrough Decision Making – Impactful Facilitator

The first module of the three module Grape People facilitation training is a must for every business professional who ever works with groups. In this training you  learn:  

Breakthrough Decision Making – Advanced Facilitator

The second module combines the three most powerful facilitation tools into one workshop. You learn the best tools for resolving social conflict, for complex problem solving, and for facilitating large groups. In addition, you learn to choose the right tools, to plan facilitated workshops and to deal with difficult situations. The training is a must for everyone who already facilitates and wants tools and concepts needed for professional facilitation. 

Breakthrough Decision Making – Facilitator Certification

Our certificate measures a true skill. You come and show that you can skilfully plan and execute efficient workshops, and we give you a certificate of competence; a proof that you can plan and execute workshops.  You do not have to write any papers confirming your skills, but your skills will be put to test and if you have no experience, you will fail.

In the certification event the participants plan how to facilitate business cases related to organisational development; they execute their plans; and finally they receive feedback on their performance.  

Breakthrough Decision Making – Facilitation Training Camp

The training camp combines two facilitation modules and the facilitator certification event. First days focus on basic facilitation tools and skills and particularly on workshop planning and choosing the right tools. The second 2 days introduce tools for dealing with complexity and finishes with the Facilitator Certification Event. During certification participants plan and execute their workshops and receive feedback from both the other participant and the trainers. In the very end, if the participants meet the certification criteria, they receive a certificate of facilitation competence – a proof that the participants can plan and facilitate workshops.

Facilitation for Trainers

Facilitation for Trainers – is a program created especially for trainers. In addition to covering how to facilitate, we have added interactive tools for trainers in order to boost participation and learning. Also, we cover how to apply facilitation methods in different training situations. 

Objective of this practical 2 days training is to learn participatory tools for trainers: 

Facilitation Master Class

Facilitators often face challenges in designing and facilitating workshops.  

1. The Client

2. The Process

3. The Tools

4. Participant understanding

5. Slowing down decision making to create consensus

Large Group Methods Training

This is a two day training that covers major large group methods for facilitators and trainers.  You learn tools to plan and execute workshop that create understanding, commitment and concrete action. First day we learn to tap the participant knowledge, how to  create a vision and to make the vision memorable. Second day we create solutions and make a concrete action plan; what, who, when.

Appreciative Inquiry Training

This is a one day training on APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY – an approach to organisational development based on strengths. Organisations are constantly firefighting and looking for problems and weaknesses. If you look for weaknesses you are likely to find them and to focus on fixing small problems. Appreciative Inquiry focuses on strengthening what we already do well. It is an extensively researched organisational development method that has been found to boost impactful long term growth.

Typical uses of Appreciative Inquiry: