Important decisions cannot be properly made without a common understanding of the decision to be made, or of the problem at hand. Idealogue helps people create a good understanding of ideas and the belief system behind the ideas. The idealogue method allows group members to criticize, make inquiries, develop, understand and express their ideas so that group consensus is reached regarding the problem, or decision at hand.

The magic of the idealogue method comes from the core concept of the method, ‘’steal with pride.’’ This makes people accountable for understanding and prioritizing the ideas of others because it is impossible to steal a good idea if it is not understood and recognized as good or not. Idealogue method consists of five stages, and can be used in different meeting types and contexts.

The five stages of idealogue method

Stage 1: Individual stage

Participants are asked to write down their ideas in silence.

Stage 2: Steal with Pride

At this stage, the facilitator introduces the ground rule and groups of three participants are formed:

Steal with Pride !

– Collect best ideas on your own piece of paper

– Tell, listen, develop

– Work in groups of three

Stage 3: Repeated stealing

New groups of three are formed and second stage is repeated several times.

Stage 4: Ideas selection

At this stage, the participants in the same group of three select the best ideas and post the ideas:

Choose best ideas

– try to reach consensus

– Write down best ideas on a piece of paper with a marker

(number is not limited but best ideas can not be many)

– One idea per paper

– When you are ready post your ideas on the wall

Stage 5: Ideas evaluation

The facilitator makes sure the group understands the posted ideas and participants evaluate the results.

Within these five stages, ideas are generated and chosen, often with the help of other facilitation tools.